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Originally Posted by PipersGirl View Post
We also must discuss boundaries around individual relationships and sharing. It does bug me that she asks D if we had sex and how many times. If she was asking because it was a turn-on, while that would still bother me, it wouldn't be as much of an issue. But, she wants to know how for for score keeping. She wants to make sure that I'm not "getting" more than her. I am going to ask her not to ask him any more and I'm going to ask him not to tell her and to request that she not ask him anymore as it's not her business. I don't ask.
Oh, yes, I would do this right away if I were you. Although I would talk to D first, because that is a privacy boundary and the important part is that he respects your privacy and does not give her the info -- but you really can't prevent her from asking him. My suspicion is that, even if she knows you don't want her to do it, she will have a hard time resisting the urge and will ask him anyway. But the best deterrent will be if he will not kowtow to her and provide such info, purely out of respect for your boundary. That should be a good lesson for her. It seems that this information is only fuel for the fire, and more fuel is something she does not need.
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