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He's telling you he does not want the shape you want. Fair enough. He can want the shape HE wants from his relationship model he seeks.

Just like YOU can seek the relationship model you seek. It does NOT line up here so you guys can fly together.

Unfortunate and sad. It is painful to break up. But we do not die from that. Time will heal. You will be ok. *hug* You have to clear what you do not want before what you DO want can be invited in, and your next happiness can take hold and have space to grow in.

But this business of suggesting you stick around for something you do not want AT ALL in the first place, but in secondary form instead?!

Asking you to ignore what you know you DO want in your relationship so you can sign up to be his placeholder person to service his needs? While your needs are never going to be met here and he KNOWS he never will meet them? Asking you to compromise yourself ANYWAY and be ok with that because he will be slow when he brings his new honey over and he will be ok with it when you have your new honey? WOW! How fresh is THAT? Not loving or kind behavior.

You can skip the part about dealing with servicing his needs and dealing with his honey. Just get YOU to the healing place faster and toward your next honey without his cling on fresh.

STAY broken up. And then Run! Do not re-sign up for what you already KNOW you do not want.

And do not sign up to compromise yourself for his needs either. Meet YOUR needs. Not his. You are exes now.

You will have much better offers than THAT later down the road and hopefully closer to what you ARE looking for in relationship. You deserve happiness in the shape you are looking for.

Not leftover cling on freshness of his!

I am so sorry you are dealing with shenanigans from him. Ugh.


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