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Originally Posted by messymess View Post
I think this is all just very new to us, and we havent been with other people before we got together. He's really looking more for a connection than anything and I think he feels if he jumps into something with someone who already has someone else, he will get less of their attention or there will be less room for him. I will talk to him about it though.
This is definitely worth examining, because it narrows the field tremendously. You have to remember that this would create an unequal dynamic, since we can't give her all his attention and room - he has you! So you are again restricting the number of folks to those that would be happy with such an imbalance in the relationship dynamic. Does that make sense?

Originally Posted by messymess View Post
He's kind of a hottie, so he should have no problem standing out among the rest. But I have noticed the ratio seems off.
You'd be surprised. On the internet you are just another person looking for a date... The fact that you are in his life is a major show-stopper to a lot of people who don't want anything to do with polyamory.

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