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I can say with 100% honesty that we are a true poly family. We have 6 adult children, and one grandbaby.

We don't all share the same blood, but are definitely one family. We have been there for each other. Weddings, babies, death. We share each other's lives good and bad. When one of our children won't listen to the natural parent, we look to the second mother/father to talk to them. Sometimes our children will listen to another adult rather then us. Tommy and Sea can say the exact same thing I would, and my daughter will listen to them, likewise with their children.

When my daughter became pregnant, I knew she wanted me to be there in the delivery room. I had never seen a natural birth. Both of my children were C-sections. I knew I couldn't do it alone. I asked Sea to be there with me. Her four children were born naturally. My daughter went through hell. At one point I had to leave the room. I was crying, and knew I couldn't let her see me that way. I remember walking back into the room and seeing Sea holding her hand, whispering to her. Sea did for her, what I wasn't capable of doing. That's love.

When "our" grandbaby was born, she became the center of our lives. I'm amma, Sea is amma, Tommy is papa. All of our other children are auntie or uncle.

When Tommy's mom was in hospital this summer, and eventually passed away. I was there. I didn't know his family. Had never met them. But he needed me, and I was there. He asked me to be at his mom's celebration of life. I couldn't possibly say no. We are family.

Their oldest daughter married this summer. I was the one they asked to make sure everything ran smoothly while they were off taking family pictures. They knew I would never allow anything to mess up their special day.

My daughter will call Sea and Tommy's looking for me, if I'm not there, she will talk to them about her present problem. They are her second mom and dad, as I am to their children. They would never allow her to deal with a problem on her own, any more then I would with their children.

In time there will be more marriages, more children. All three of us will be there. Doing the best we can for "our" children, and "our" grandchildren.

I am happy to say our children are proud of us. They know they don't only have one parent, they have three. We are doing our job, we are making sure the love we feel for each other, is passed on to them. Love is love. It doesn't matter where it comes from. Those of us who have experienced family love know this. It doesn't have to be about blood, just love.

We are truly blessed.
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