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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
We both work in the morning and were so wound up on coffee and a good time that neither of us slept that night. We were both so tired at work the next day.
Oh, poor dears! Isn't that how you define a successful party?

Mono's female friend and I have been writing back and forth on FB a bit. She responded to something I posted and I took it and ran with it. I have posted a couple of things on her wall that I thought she would like (It has helped to FB stalk her! Who knew it would mean that I know what she likes?!) and she has responded to more things.
FB stalking is fun.

We have reached an end for now I think as she responded to something that I knew a lot of my friends would disagree with and challenge. Sure enough they have and I worry that that will be it. Our politics are vastly different and while I don't care much about that, she might. Where she loves bacon, guns, and zombies, I like vegetarian/vegan food, quotes about love and peace and music. We seemed to of been able to understand each other in relation to recycling stuff creatively and homesteading though. That's something I guess, lol.
OK, don't worry too much. My political views are all over the board, but I have friends and family on both sides to the extreme. If I go by my fb feed, it's pretty well balanced. I have had to have conversations with some and say "I can't agree with you on certain subjects and I hope we can just agree to disagree on these things. While I don't mind voicing my opinion, I'd prefer not to get into a debate." In many cases it works great, although not so much with parents .

Re-hashing questions and over thinking about what happened in certain situations. I just can't let stuff go, as hard as I try, I will always re-hash stuff over and over again, letting time pass awkwardly, until there is no chance of getting to the bottom of things.
I do this too and it sucks. Don't have any advice for you, but hugs!
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