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I have talked to him about my hesitations,and it just doesn't seem to sink in.He's got a bad habit of not thinking things through before he acts,and when he becomes focused on something it's hard to shake him from it at times.There was a lot of drama with this girl the first time,and it comes across as he either isn't considering that or just doesn't care.

Long story short,he brought her in during a rough time in our lives and sprung her on me out of the blue.I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and went ahead with it,only to find out she was using us to get back at an ex(we dated the same guy,who also happens to be a mutual friend of my boyfriend's).She just broke up with another guy and we ran into her while we were out one night...needless to say he brought up trying again with me standing right there,knowing how I felt about it.

I honestly want to believe that he's not doing this to be a prick,but with what I'm seeing I don't know what to think.
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