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Default Not sure what to think...

So I've been with my current boyfriend for a couple years now,during which time I came out as bisexual.My boyfriend was very accepting of this and actually encourages me to explore that side of my sexuality and we have a good relationship all around.

My issue is this:we're currently in an open relationship,which I have no problem with.We've even discussed becoming poly.My problem is his choice of partner at this particular time.We've had a threesome with this girl in the past,which ended in disaster due to how he handled things,but we remained friends.

Fast forward to now:this girl has recently come back into our lives,and he's wanting to pursue that particular relationship again.I have my reservations about it after how things went the last time,and have said as much to him.He asked me to at least consider it,and more I think about it the more I don't want to do it.I also take issue with him texting her when we're trying to spend time together and trying to hide it from me.Ultimately I just feel like my feelings aren't being considered and that he's trying to make it all about him.

Am I making too big a deal about the situation,or do I have a reason to worry about what I'm seeing here?
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