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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
I do have to wonder why you're on a site dedicated to polyamory if you're not looking for relationships. I'll suggest that you'd be better looking on a swinger site or such.

I'm leaving the post on the boards because we may have some polyfolk who also have open relationships who may be interested in sexual escapades. I've moved it here to the personals because you spoke of what you're looking for (which, per the guidelines, means it belongs here).
Ouch, off to a bad start.

Perhaps I didn't do a very good job of expressing myself.

Being open to a poly relationship but not being committed to being in one makes us swingers. We would need to meet people who are open to the idea of being with a married couple in order for there to be a possibility of a relationship and this site seemed to be the best bet. If I was single I would never post a personal ad seeking a long term relationship. I would date until I found someone I was comfortable with, and allow the relationship to progress or run its course. Seeking anything longer term than a weekend at Caesar's Palace before you've met the individual in question is putting the cart before the horse in my view. That makes us swingers until we find the right person. We're both ok with that. The swingers sites are awfully seedy, I guess we'll try craigslist and see how that goes.

I apologize for posting in the wrong section.

I was just checking out the swingers board, they refer to non swingers as vanilla. Learn something new everyday
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