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I changed my name. I had to reregister. So, I think what I am struggling with is finding out the difference between what is poly and what is just an unhappy marriage (or a marriage that isn't working)> I'm not judging anyone - I'm just trying to figure it out for myself.

I'm not a big fan of marriage. It seems impossible to sustain. So, I think people either a. get divorces or b. cheat. But my husband and I decided to try c. take lovers and be honest about it. I think he IS truly a poly person. He seems happy sleeping with both of us and having us be friends and including her in our family. I however do not think I'm actually poly. I think I'm missing something in the marriage (romance, passion) that I'm looking for outside.

I guess I'm asking why people become poly? Is it because so meting is lacking in the primary relationship? Or are some people just wired to need more sex and more affection? I'm so confused!

Am I doing something wrong here (in the post?) haven't gotten any feed back. Maybe there is a siimuliar thread someone could point me to.


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