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Originally Posted by thinker View Post
1.) look at this site

2.) look at the cast and search everyone of them from google

3.) look at the comments (reviews) of this "show"

4.) be amazed!

(i suspect the show is scripted........)
If you are going to place accusations, you probably shouldn't expect others to do all the work.

I went to your link, googled some of the names (didn't find anything implying any of them was anything but poly), read the one review (which had nothing about them not being polyamorous) and I'm still confused. If you think they're just actors who were hired to pretend to be poly, you'll have to explain why, for instance, Devi was already well-known in poly circles before the show even started. Or why you think any of them didn't actually know each other or weren't actually involved.

As it is, I don't know if you mean "they weren't all poly" or "none of them are actually poly" or something else altogether, and I followed your "instructions" and got nowhere closer to an answer. So please spell it out if you're going to say things like that. Who is a mono actor and how do you know they are?
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