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I really appreciate the advice but there is a lot of it and I have a very busy working week but here is a quick reply.
I will definitely look at all these sources when I have more time! It sounds like just the sort of advice I was looking for, and more importantly, things I can show the others so that we can all work out what we want!
Glad to be of some use then. I don't offer it actually expecting you to reply to me in great detail. Your biz is your biz! It's just ideas for YOU in case they are useful since you asked for other people to comment. I commented. YMMV.

I may need to run that model by you via PM to make sure I understand it right to find how it relates to my situation.
Alright. If you mean you just want to draft your tiers in YOUR polymath config with actual names and have me read it to see if it makes sense or tiers are missing?

I can read and would be willing to do just that. I know it is hard to write it out with "A, B, C" type anonymous name tags.

(If there's something I am not willing to do I will tell you straight up I'm not willing to do that. Everyone has limits. )

Thanks for letting me know the feedback was useful. Hope things work out in your talk with your peeps!


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