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Funny how no one should call you rude or offensive, nycindie, cause you're "just some stranger on the internet", but you seem to feel awfully justified in being prickly and defensive back to "just strangers on the internet".

Originally Posted by StrayKitten View Post
after some discussion it's sounding like he's open to me sleeping with women, but not so much me dating women.
Sounds like he might be more comfortable with swinging or an open relationship. Adding strong emotions does, unfortunately, take what starts as a fun situation and make it sticky. Sometimes that sticky is good, even great, but it's still...sticky. And when it's a relationship, there's additional time involved as well as other complications. MC and I were "open-ish" for years before I wound up in a V with TGIB, so I'm well aware of the difference between just being physical with someone versus trying to actually date them.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
What the hell is the difference? You mean he's okay if people use your body but he feels he owns your heart? That's just bullshit and not his call to make. You are the one who is in charge of your body and heart, and it's up to him to deal with his own feelings about it. But to expect you to hold back on finding happiness and satisfaction wherever you may, just because he's uncomfortable or afraid... is tyranny.
Oh lighten the hell up. She never said he told her she COULDN'T date other women, from what was posted he's not even close to the point of trying to "make a call" or hold her back. They're DISCUSSING it. You know, that thing people do to figure out everyone's feelings and if there's a good middle ground? Someone overreacting a bit, perhaps, due to the presence of certain emotions in her own relationship?
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