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StrayKitten, perhaps I totally misunderstood the post of yours to which I was responding. I didn't reread the thread before Iposted, I just was responding with my reaction to that last post. However, what I wrote was simply my opinion and you don't need to choose to feel offended by it. I didn't mean to offend you at all - I was sticking up for you, in my mind.

I thought you were saying that you have a second relationship that you were excited about but your primary is only okay with it as long as it's sexual and not emotional at all. To me, that is indeed bullshit and tyranny to tell a partner they can only share their body but cannot be involved any more than that. Because it is up to each of us how much we want to get involved with someone - a partner doesn't have the right to dictate ownership of any part of us (unless there's some kind of BDSM agreement for that). To me, a partner thinking they can tell someone sex is okay but emotions are not is just like saying, "I don't mind you being used as someone's sex toy, but I don't want you having any feelings for anyone else or being treated lovingly by anyone but me." That seems like tyranny to me, but maybe you meant something else. Sorry if I got that wrong. But it's only my opinion and, like assholes, everybody's got one. I'm just an anonymous stranger on the internet, and you are living your life -- so take it or leave it, but there's no need to feel offended or call me rude.
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