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I guess I'm a sincerely identifying 'nothing'. Not becuase I have ambiguous beliefs (such as a true agnostic) but becuase I have found that every single group I got involved with has the same desire to hold on to power and bash other groups.

Christians hate athiests, who think pagans are naive, who think buddahists worship nothing (a remarkably legitimate accusation, and yet so ignorant to make.), etc, etc, etc.

Frankly, I got sick of the BS.

I believe in mother and father god. I believe we all make our own universe and realities. I believe we are all powerful creatures. I believe that the only sin is when you impose your will on someone else's/ knowingly violate someone else's will or property. I believe children are sacred, as they are the closest thing to God/Goddess we can see with our human eyes.

For these reasons, my politics are all over the map. For example; I'm avidly pro-equality, but very anti-femanist as all as male supremist. I'm against anything that enslaves any group of people, but becuase I believe we are all powerful, I'm against any thing that grants special help or favors to one particular group. (anti-welfare.) I'm pro-capital punishment and anti-taxes becuase I believe my money is MINE as long as I did the work for it. I'm pro-life becuase I don't think one person should be able to choose to 'terminate' another because that person is inconviniant. (Admittedly though, abortion is a very compliated subject with many exceptions to the rule for me.)

So... yeah... that's my religious map... lol
- All my Love.
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