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She doesnt communicate well. When I do communicate it becomes an issue. The reason I dont want to say to much is a I dont know if she reads these forums.
We spend no time alone together. We never go out on dates. I have brought this up but it is pushed aside.
How often do you communicate with your secondary? I want her and not interested in anyone else right now. Am I mono? I dont think I am. Am I crazy for restricting myself to only her?
We met at a poly group. She started calling and texting me. We started dating 7 months ago. The relationship was great in the beginning, but I am seeing the signs of disinterest. It hurts me. In the beginning she wanted long term. Now I am. Ot so sure. I dont know if I am being paranoid and insecure. I am waiting for the day she tells me to get lost. I dont know if I can handle it.

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