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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Care to elaborate on this? I don't get how this would be comfortable or work in the long term. It sounds like it's based on fear of movement and change in your relationship. How come she gets to dictate all that anyways? I can understand that she would have emotions and jealousy, but it doesn't seem healthy for anyone that her emotions and jealousy be the focal point of your relationships together?
I think I answered most of this in the above response. Kitten just doesn't show love the way I'm used to. And that was one of the very few times she has actually admitted to jealousy or the possibility of jealousy. Though I would say she has felt I many times by her behavior.

Kitten is so outside what I can understand at times. I never feel as if I explain her correctly. I've come to accept that getting her to change is imposible (things are never her fault). I can only change how I handle things. And that means I have to distance myself from some situations. Both Gator ansd Tech understand that now. I like Kitten and love her in the only way I can but what the relationship is between the two of us can never be more until she does some changing and growing.
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