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Default New to this forum and to Poly

Hello everyone!

My name is Chris and I am extremely new to the world of polyamory. First, I guess, I should provide a little background on my situation. I am in a mono relationship with my wife of 10 years. Things aren't great, but we're working things out. I was introduced to polyamory by my sister-in-law. What started as a friendship, turned into us being best friends, and more recently, we've fallen for each other. She and her husband, my wife's brother, are in an open relationship. Her husband is open to the idea of us giving this a try, but I know my wife will hate the idea. So, there it is. My life in a nutshell. I hope to connect with people who have been able to make the poly lifestyle work for them and learn how I can apply this to my own life. Thanks for reading!
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