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I've been so busy with all the practical stuff around moving that I've had little time to think about what it is I want. Some stuff is obvious to me. I want to study and I will need to work (and want to start working already). I want to uphold my relationships with my partners. I've thought a bit about volunteering, but I will have to see if I have time for that.

But what else do I want in my life here in the Dream City? I am actually in a new kind of a situation of sorts, in that I am moving here with the plan and the wish to be able to stay here. For now, until further notice, maybe even for good. So, this thing, if I have a choice, it doesn't have an expiration date, as some other phases have had. Where I was last, I knew I would only be for 4 years (which changed into 2).

I would like to make some local friends. That is a hurdle in itself. Socialising with new people is somewhat exhausting. Well, at the university I will have to do it to some extent, so I might as well see if I meet somebody interesting. But another thing I came to think of is that maybe I'll go to the polymeet with Mya some more times. It's not every week so it's not too much, and there might be some people with friend potential there, too.

It might be fun to have something like that with Alec, as well. We don't tend to be very active without a specific thing, but I enjoy doing stuff with him. Dream City is such a big place, there's bound to be something affordable we both want to do and which would be a semi-commitment. I.e. we don't need to go, but there's something we are planning to do on a specific day so that it isn't killed by the phenomenon where you never get around doing something because you can do that any day and it's more effort than something else. Have to see what he thinks, and what there's going on.

Hopefully I'll get around looking into what is going on some day now before the phenomenon strikes again...
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