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This one was fun! Not too practical, but he gets a lot of points for effort and creativity.
So here's the deal. Your scores are higher than anyone I've encountered on this site. And we both answered a bunch of questions so it wasn't just a freak thing. I have seen a 99% match before but never with the other scores. Honestly, I don't know what this all means. I don't agree with myself 99% of the time, I am not always my own best friend and most people score higher than 10% enemy with me just after they say, "how do you do?" And I don't know about you, but I don't think of myself as mainstream. I'm not a vampire or Alice Cooper or someone from Dada but I don't always play well with the other kids. I get along. I'm just never gonna win Miss Congeniality.
And reading about you also left me a bit puzzled. I went horseback riding one time and it scared the bejeezus out of me. There was no brake pedal. The thing smelled like a horse and there was no GPS. Motorcycles scare me. I don't mean riding on one. I mean I assume the fetal position when I see one cruising down the street. I'm not afraid of everything but whenever they ask for volunteers, I take one step back.
And you think I'm too old. It's true. I creep around like Grandpa Simpson. I snort and harrumph. I sigh a lot. My forehead looks like a road map. Whenever I have sex, we have to be sure not only that the paddles are right beside the bed, but they have to be fired up and ready...just in case. I can still perambulate, but no one would describe the effect as pretty.
And I'm not exactly sure where Wisconsin is. I know it's in the empire to the south and I know that in Green Bay, men take off their shirts during football games when snow is on the ground so it must be fairly north. And something about beer and cheese.
I'm married. You have a fiancee. I wouldn't want to come between two people who horseback ride on each other's backs across fields but I am more than intrigued. What else? I'm kinda of a tootsie roll pop--hard crunchy candy on the outside, soft chewy candy on the inside but sometimes even the inside candy gets pretty crunchy.
Before you dismiss me as someone who answered 300 odd questions just to hit on you, why don't you talk to me a little. I am pee your pants funny. Everybody says so and I'm pretty good at putting words together although reading this over, I conclude you're going to have to trust me on that one. I am not about to come to [my city] and I assume you don't journey to Toronto with any regularity. I'm kind of hoping you'll give this a little exploration but if chatting with some old coot across an international border is too odd for you, then good luck with the fiancee and the apples and the piggy back riding across fields. In the pictures, you look very happy together.
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