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I got married fairly young, having had very few lovers. When my husband and I decided to open our marriage not quite 20 years later, I went a little crazy. I played cougar for about a year and was literally picking out handsome young studs off a hookup site. Then I met my first poly boyfriend and he inspired me to behave myself a bit better. Once I found love again, the "boytoys" lost some of their charm.

I am currently blessed to be in relationships with three sweet amazing poly men, and, while I am not saying I'll never have a casual partner again, it would take a lot to tempt me into any sexual situation that was not part of a loving or potentially loving poly relationship.

I don't regret my "slutty year." I figured out a lot about myself sexually, developed a lot more confidence with the opposite sex, and met some interesting people. I probably would only regret it now if I had caught an incurable STD (I didn't catch anything, not even something curable), or infected someone I loved with one.

I hate the sexual double standard, wherein a man with a lot of partners is a stud and a woman with a lot of partners is a slut. That standard will collapse if women stop buying into it. I hope to see that day soon.
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