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how many partners is to many, it didnt feel great taking the whore award even if it was an amazing "bullet" are we still living in a world where the number of partners matters?
Games like that are lame if they use charged words like "prude" and "whore." Do not play. Women do not need to participate in their own devaluation/valuation as sex dispensing objects. People are not THINGS. People are PEOPLE.

If you want to play that game why not just call it what it is? Least partners and most partners? Sheesh. Even then why play? Who and how many I sleep with is my business and only the business of my lovers for their sex health info needs. Not for party entertainment. Play another game for sex toy prizes.

Your body is yours to share as you wish.

There IS no "too many" for you. Or "too little" for you. When YOU get to decide? It is always just right for you at the time.

And that's just fine. Your body is YOURS to share or not share.


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