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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Eek! Is that really power? It seems in that sense the dynamics of the relationship are being shaped by the person most able to destroy things. That strikes me as a really difficult thing to sustain.

I sometimes substitute the word power for fuel. In some contexts they are synonymous. Energy flow is about who is providing fuel in what way. That shifts and flows in my relationships. I never get a sense that it affords power one way or another but it clearly keeps energy flowing between us, which is important.
Yes, you're correct, power may not be the right word for this. It has been very difficult for me to come to terms with. In the end, I have to remind myself I am not Tech's primary relationship and I knew that I never would be going into this. I remind myself that some bridges can't be dealt with until you actually have to cross them. And I remind myself that Tech and I love each other and we will both do our best to resolve something like that closer to our satisfacton if the need arises. I truly believe these day that he would do his best there.

I've stressed over this in the past to the point that I wasn't enjoying what we do have. I'm thankful for his presence in my life and strife to life in the moment the best I can. That's been a deal learning process for a planner.
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