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Smile Polycamp Too & Polycamp NW

The summer has been pretty active in terms of spending time with the poly community. I attended both the All Ages Polycamp on Vancouver Island, and we made the trek again this year to Polycamp NW. I should have blogged about it earlier while the revelations and all was fresh in my mind. I had a great time at both events, with lots of coffee discussions about ethics at the first, and heard a story that illustrated explicitly what an ethical poly breakup should look like. Both had lots of cool poly folk at them, including my wife and the poly tribe, and beautiful nature type backdrops to stage the whole affair.

The tricky part about hanging around with awesome people, is that I realize that Iím not. And while Iíd like the idea of hitting 40 going awesome, Iím not sure if itíd actually work. After all, if Iím not awesome, but try to be awesome, am I then not being authentically myself?

Anyways, if I can remember what the whole point was, Iíll try to post it before I forget again.
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