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Oh my lord, I am definitely not being clear if there is any possibility here that someone thinks I might be being abused. Not a chance. Seriously, he treats me very well and takes care of my needs when he is able to do so. It's just that right now, he really can't.

I never saw myself as passive, either. In fact, H tells me that I should stop having "feelings" discussions with L otherwise he'll dump me. I would say that I am very clear about what I want from L, and I certainly am with H.

Gala- we can't have a regular phone/Skype schedule because it breaks one of his wife's limits about it affecting their life. I get those things when she isn't home. I don't like it, but it is what it is.

I do think it is selfish to ask for what I want at a time when I know he can't give those things to me. All I can really do is wait until the home renovation crap is over and then see where we're sitting. It's going to be a long nine weeks though and I am feeling very alone. But he cannot change that situation now; so how exactly does it help me to ask for something impossible?

Of course I could leave, but how can I throw away a relationship that has been so fulfilling rather than tough out nine weeks of crap? I don't want to leave him. He even said to me today that if I need to, he would support me taking a step back because he doesn't want to lose my friendship or my place in his life. He says he doesn't want to lose our relationship but most importantly, he wants me to be happy. He really cares about me. He just doesn't have any time to give me right now and I'm having trouble coping with that.
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