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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
... simply because I'm never looking to replace my wife. I married her for a reason and that doesn't change simply because I may be involved with somebody else. Should the laws ever change and we could add people to our marriage, that'd be cool--I just have no interest in trying to replace my wife.
I hear that....

Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
As long as my wife and I are taking care of "Us," adding more "Us" combinations isn't going to be a problem. Setting boundaries on those other "Us" combinations can then be seen to be rather silly, I think.
This part...might be situation dependant. If it's just "Us" adults...perhaps. There's at least two things I can see that stand around like monkeys waiting to throw wrenches...
1) Kids...there was a hottie talking about that earlier in the thread.
2) new partners take's no ones fault, but the "Us"s that's wearing rings have likely known each other far's not that the same level wouldn't eventually be possible, but it takes time. In a similar fashion, I've watched countless friends go through the usual serial parade of relationships because they keep hooking up with people who are all kinds of NRE fun...maybe longer...often they find out too late...and eventually things go sour because they're not a good match...and one or the other is liable to be unkind during the breakup process.
I'd could see some of those unkindnesses as very real risks to the previously established 'matrimonial' relationship, even if it was strong to begin with.
And of course...this situation leads directly back to #1 when there's kids involved.

It is not a given...this is a worser case scenario...but it is possible. There is no reason in my mind why an established couple would be 'silly' to ensure some rules were in place to mitigate that risk.

Similarly I would not consider it silly for a prospective third to want rules to mitigate risks to them....since couples are twice as capable as behaving badly as a single.
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