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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
Maybe because my own needs have been so different from those who seem to collect partners in a way and I can't even remotely imagine how one can have over 80 or 100 partners at my age as I don't even need my second hand to count my score ^.^
Well, I never looked at it like I was "collecting partners," but I recall back in the mid-'90s trying to count all the men I'd been with since I first started having sex, and it was impossible because it was definitely over 100 and a lot of it was hard to remember. I guess I just started young (14), and that was the 1970s after all - sex was just part of getting to know someone and I have always been the type to start with sex first before developing a relationship. So, by 1995, I was 35, which is over 20 years of having sex as a single person. I mean, it isn't that difficult to fathom if you have several short-term relationships per year and a period or two of going to bars and having one-night stands in between. That could easily be 10 sex partners per year, so over 20 years could be 200. But in my younger years, I had mostly long-term relationships, so maybe it wasn't quite that high - but there were also years where I had more one-night stands than ongoing relationships, and then a year here and there with no sex at all, so who knows. Really, I don't care about this stuff, so I never kept track and, after a certain age, I have found that people stop asking this question (LOL). Then I was monogamous with my husband for over ten years, and since my separation in middle of 2010 I have had sex with... let's see... seven guys so far (but I feel like I'm forgetting one).

To the OP, I probably would've won the whore award at that party, but I wish they would have called it the Slut Award. I have a sensitivity to the word "whore," but don't mind "slut" as much.
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