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garhdo, I don't think it had anything to do with us. We were all getting along. The other girl decided to no longer be with my best friend as their relationship was suffering personally. As a result, she felt that she no longer could be with us as well. She started going to church and told us we were all doing the wrong thing in life. She said that she no longer was going to be involved in a situation like we were prior to their split. Now, from what I get out of my best friend is that he is telling her that he has in fact stopped interacting with my husband and I and that he is willing to go to church with her, as he wants to do anything to get her back. When I confront him about lying to her, he just says maybe she will one day come back around. He has now asked us to lie to her. I don't think that is okay. I told him I would not lie for him if I was ever asked but I would not bring it up either. As you can see, I am very unsure of how to handle all of this. What was once honest and enjoyable, has now turned into a dishonest and uneasy feeling. I enjoy what we are doing, as I have always, just don't want to get caught up in my best friends web of lies.
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