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I recently tried to make a specific list (who, when, what sex acts, etc) and I remember feeling bad and relieved at the same time. Bad at some of my poor choices when I was younger (a bunch of one-night stand, some unprotected sex), relieved that I had less partners than I thought I did.

But it really doesn't mean that much. If you take all the partners I had before Raga (and since Raga, they've only been Sean, so that's all the guys I've had sex with so far minus two), and add up all the times I've had sex, then my first month with Raga (first month of sexual activity, that is), has it beaten several times over. Like, a lot of times over. Most of the others I had sex with once. One of them I had intercourse with twice, and a few I had other sex activities with more than once.

But in the end, I had much, much less sex with all of these people combined than I did when I was with Raga, or now that I'm with Sean. So the number of partners is definitely not proportional to the amount of sex.

It seems weird to me that people might say I was a "slut" back then, but then "settled down" when in actuality I barely ever had sex when I had one-night stands, in comparison.

I will say though that knowing a bunch of partners was helpful to me. I had less expectations about all guys being one way or another, I expected individuality by the time I had my first serious relationship. I also had a better idea of what I liked and what I wanted.
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