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To the OP: Polyamory is a very broad term, and your characterisation of the term as love without commitment reflects one specific type of polyamory, but certainly not all types. I am one of the types that can not love without commitment, but I do not require a piece of paper in order to make and seal those commitments and promises.

Assuming that your husband loves each of you, then what you have as a group is under the umbrella of polyamory. If, however, you don't feel that the term is one that you can self-identify with, then that is most definitely your prerogative. Most of the folks on a polyamory forum, though, will put you in that group because it is such a wide-reaching umbrella term.

If your intent was to say that you don't like the non-committed types of love and sex, then that is perfectly fine, and that aspect of what you are doing will resonate with several members here.

Your civil disobedience of having multiple formal marriages is a brave one. You don't specify what part of the world you are in (and that is perfectly ok) but some countries take a very dim view of this, and will start legal proceedings and try to have children taken away if even so much as a neighbour complains. But I assume you already know this and are entering into this with eyes wide open.

I find your avatar icon to be offensive, I must admit - whether or not you are in a formal group, the sentiment expressed there is one that, because of its connotations, is deeply disturbing to me, and find it very difficult to get beyond this.

I hope that your time spent on this forum is useful to you.

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