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Curious, I googled the slogan in your avatar. I found: "The slogan "White Pride, World Wide" appears in the logo of Stormfront, a website owned and operated by Don Black, who was formerly a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan." I then looked up Stormfront and, indeed, their logo is exactly the same image as your avatar. I couldn't look through the Stormfront site, since all the forums are locked for non-members, so I googled Don Black and found, among other disturbing things: "In a 1998 interview for the alternative weekly newspaper Miami New Times, Black is quoted as saying 'We want to take America back. We know a multicultural Yugoslav nation can't hold up for too long. Whites won't have any choice but to take military action. It's our children whose interests we have to defend.'"

Just, get out of our forum. I don't care if I get in trouble with the mods for saying this. You support a disgusting movement that advocates violence against non-whites. Just seeing your avatar here, in this place that's supposed to provide a fair and safe space, is incredibly distressing.

Get. Out.
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