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Oh, she knows he is married! So she doesn't think she's the only one in his life. But she doesn't know about me. I agree she isn't getting to give consent to me specifically but she has been okay (in that regard) with his other partners so I can't imagine I'd be any different. And I pose no risk via stds.

BoringGuy- I know he cares about me and my feelings. He loves me and he says he is committed to our relationship. I know he doesn't want to hurt me. I hadn't told him before how much it bothered me to be kept a secret, so he didn't know. I knew that he hadn't told her about me though. I am not going to ask him to tell me because I don't see why I should ask him to mess up his relationship with her; what's done is done.
I know we haven't been seeing each other for that long and we are LD so it's tough. I don't know if I can handle it long term. I know if our relationship was to stay the way it is now, it would not be sustainable for me long term, but he has some external stressors right now. He tells me that in nine weeks things should clear up. That will still be thirteen weeks of limited communication and not being able to see each other, and that is incredibly hard for me. Oh, and his sub sees him at least once a week since she's local.
Me: 33 yrs, poly pansexual Dominant female.
My People: Mark/StbxH, my husband of ten years, now separated for 18 months with no desire of reconciliation.
Henry, 29yrs, my collared submissive, dating for 2 years and cohabitating for 1 year. Currently no other partners.
Kiddo, my 6 year old son

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