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Default My intro

Hey everyone Im new here and thought I better introduce myself. I am a 26yo man from the UK who entered swinging with my partner of ten years late last year. we soon fell for another couple we met and began exploring things as a foursome. However it hasn't all been smooth sailing.

We are still swinging - well me and my Mrs are. The boyfriend (B) has decided he still wants to but the girlfriend (J) has recently decided that she doesn't want to continue with that, but still wants to see me and Mrs, as well as S who she also grew close to while swinging, but noone else. However while J is very open with her feelings for us B is not - at times it doesnt seem like he wants to be part of a poly relationship, which is fine (it hurts but we can handle it) but it also seems sometimes that he wants to stop J seeing us as well, or especially from seeing me (we were the first in our group to admit our feelings for one another)

We both still see J as our poly girlfriend (yes we are all bi), but at the moment both Mrs and myself are unsure where we stand on B.
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