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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
For the record, I've had successful FWB relationships that started with the benefits and moved to friendship. My friendship with Harry was like that. We met at a kinky play party and ended up having (oral) sex that very night. A week later we met at his place and hooked up, then went out for food afterwards. We've always had a very sexually charged friendship, but it also really did become a friendship -- he lent me some great books, I helped him move, we watched Game of Thrones together, etc. When I started dating Davis, I told Harry that we had to take a break, and he was disappointed, but we've remained friends for the last year even though the benefits have been out of the picture. In the meantime, Harry formalized his relationship with the girl he was sort of dating (it was all above board, she's poly and she knew about me), and she moved in with him. I went to their housewarming party over the summer, brought my roommates along, it was a great time.

Just wanted to point out that it can indeed work that way.
I didn't mean to imply that it "can't" work that way. But it doesn't sound like you went "looking for" a FWB. You were just doing your thing and you found someone compatible in that way. I, too, have had other sex partners that started out as "just sex" and we became friends afterward (although usually the sex stopped as one or both of us would find a girlfriend or boyfriend to be "in love" with - these were all "back in the day", so to speak). It's sort of like those unicorn-hunting couples wanting a FMF triad. Sure, that's possible, but if you try to force it, it will probably not meet the expectations you had going in.
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