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Native American culture is definetly not the only culture that has shamanistic traditions.

I cringe at anybody claiming to know much about shamanism without first hand experience of shamanism. Much as I would cringe about somebody claiming to know what is right and wrong in medicine, when they are not a doctor (or otherwise trained and educated), etc. Even if you had thoroughly interviewed a doctor, or several, I wouldn't assume that you are now qualified to make medical decisions or know what is right or wrong in that field.

It is tough and dangerous work. Shamans are chosen by the spirits, essentially, and a person's life is typically a lot easier and happier if they do not wind up as a shaman.

I do have some Native American heritage, by the way - but it doesn't matter. Kind of like saying a person can't be a shaman if they are African American. Ontop of being ludicrous, African cultures definetly have shamanistic traditions, like most cultures across the globe.

You might want to do your own independant research, and think carefully, before making a blanket statement like that.

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