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Really though, in all the years I have been here there is very few situations and stories that are unique. If someone came here to dig up dirt we could match them with many stories that are similar. It just wouldn't hold ground in court or anywhere else to take a post with a false name on it, no place names and a story that doesn't give any indication the details of particular people.
This is very reassuring. I was starting to be concerned, because I am one of those people with custody issues to worry about.

Hypothetically speaking, though, might a mod agree to delete a whole blog thread in one fell swoop? It seems like that would only take a couple clicks, and since it's a blog thread, it's not as important to preserve as perhaps some of the more conversation-oriented threads would be.

At least, would it be possible in the unlikely event that someone DID find a way to maliciously use the blog thread against the person IRL?

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