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I don't think I would feel comfortable cuddling with someone I was not sexual with. And there are different levels of cuddling, in my mind anyway, now that I think of it.

I've had a few casual hookups, and we did cuddle for a bit after sex but it wasn't really affectionate if that makes sense. Just the continuation of touch from the sex.

Then there are the cuddles I get from my lovers which make me feel whole. I was also a NICU baby and spent three months in an incubator and perhaps that also created the intense need for touch that I have. Being held by H or L just makes me feel safe and the whole world recedes for me. I feel at peace in their arms.

I love to be touched by men I am close with. I hug my friends hello and goodbye but we don't go any further than that and I don't think it would work for me. But with my lovers, it's just perfect.
Me: 31 year old poly bisexual Dominant female, married to Mark (married 9 years). Dating John, 4 months.

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