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Question Hi New...

Well Hello everyone...Here is a little about me and my situation. I am married have been for over 4 yrs now. We are happy for the most part but it just seems like something is missing for both of us. He has talked to me about bringing in someone to has 3-somes with and what not and I just dont want a casual screw although I would not mind having someone else in the mix weather it be a women or man I kind feel like I want something more from someone and it scares me a bit because I do love my husband and would NEVER cheat on him but I want more. I have found myself lately thinking about what it would be like to be in a relationship with more the one person and at first I though I was crazy and who could ever want that and how screwed up it is that I am married and wanting someone else. I dont want to loose my husband I love him I just find myself thinking about this more and more....I got online and looked it up and well this site popped up so I figured why not lol so here I am i dont know if i am looking for someone who has felt the same or for someone to tell me to wake up and be in reality it just wouldn't work but yea Im here lol :-)
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