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More and more just now, I see life as a web of connections with other people. I have become part of several groups, some of which overlap with each other. Just now I feel more grounded, more tied to people - and for the first time, it hasn't resulted in me wanting to pull away and distance myself.

Interesting. I think that in the past feeling too connected has felt claustrophobic to me. Right now, it feels good to reach out to others and let them reach out to me. The connections feel like safety and I feel surrounded by love.

Also, my usual response to stress is to isolate myself in order to deal with my emotions. And this year has contained the most horrible stress I've ever encountered but I haven't been isolating myself as much as I'd expect to normally. A few days of wanting to be by myself but nothing like what is usual for me.

It's nice. I'm enjoying the change.

I think that reading this forum regularly has helped loads. Reading about how people think about love. How they organise their lives to fit more in. And about the efforts that are made to help love flourish have all made me examine my own attitude.

And I've found that I have more capacity for exchanging love and intimacy than I thought. Amid the stress and chaos of this year, it's lovely to find this.

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