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Wink all for your comments

AnnabelMore ...i found this site by accident thing leads to another ,you know how it works. I am totally happy with what choices people make regarding their sex lives ,and i do understand what the polyamory life style means.I just find it odd that someone who chooses to live in a lifesyle that is about sharing their partner with others, is seriously undecided about doing just that?I simply recommend that if it feels bad ,dont do it.Like i said , dont share what you fear losing!!!Being the fact that its her best friend is too close to home , and makes me think about when you get yourself a nice new ....lets say, dress ....and your best friend says....i love it can i borrow it ?....Most the time we say ,"Of course ", but in our heads we think ,F**K NO, get your own !!Sometimes sharing is not always easy ! To SourGirl.....I agree..go with your gut.If youre not prepared to gamble and lose ,then dont play the game... Not trying to upset you girls , just adding my perspective on this issue.
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