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opalescent, I'm going to do exactly that. Thank you.

thinker, I'm aware it's not a stable situation, but frankly it wouldn't matter if we were married because we are both very much opposed to the State being involved in private matters. Neither of us would ever push for child support or alimony, so it's a moot point. I'd be just as penniless if we had a marriage license.

GalaGirl, thanks.

Vicki, it's my personal preference. I don't want to hold him that long, I'm not confident in my ability to do so safely, and he doesn't like being held that long even if I was. Without a compatible seat, that's just not something I'd be willing to do.

It's looking like Mom would rent a trailer at a local Uhaul where she is, and pull it with her car avoiding the mountains by taking an extended route. Adds like 500 miles to the trip, but it means we'd be able to get all of my stuff without crowding us in the car too much.
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