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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I think I would confront her if it were me. I would want her to know my position. I would just say that I feel it is very unfortunate that she has taken him back, and because of that I question her judgment, and cannot let myself or my family be anywhere near her or her husband. And then I would express concern for her in making this decision, but that I would only be receptive to being there for her if he is out of the picture, offer my support if that ever happens, and then I'd say goodbye.
This. Telling her why you're cutting off contact isn't cruel nor is it over sharing. Being dropped without understanding why or having the chance to make peace with it is crueler in my mind. So, as Nyc said, be direct but firm and clear. Maybe it'll even be some sort of wake-up call for her.

I'm so sorry that your family is going through this, and I think your decision makes perfect sense.
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