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You are a one lucky wife Dagferi with a loving husband who had done a-lot for you. I know how he feels if his wife love her lover as much as himself, he must be pretty stressed up now. But i guess it might be because of the playing field between you and your H are imbalance or he is just being cuckold. Why wasn't so easy to make your H to find someone else? If my wife agrees with this i might be in a similar situation like him but not for long, before i go to Ashley Madison to have a network of friends-with-benefits and ultimately dating (if i m lucky since i m not good at knowing girls). Because i might be quite jealous on something like why my wife is enjoying her self while i don't have as much? I believe that both partners when engaging in an arrangement like this both of them should be enjoying themselves instead of one sided which has failed the purpose of open marriage in the first place.
Sorry life has been a bit busy the last two days..

I do not know if I would call myself lucky.. His opening up the marriage came at a price. He did so in order to trade for BDSM participation from me. Despite the fact that it creeps me out.

Dating as a married man is really hard. Not many women are open to the idea. Ashley madison is full of professionals, cowgirls, and fakes. Heck my boyfriend was freaked out at first. We met through mutual circles and we clicked. He wanted me in his life so he gave it a go and it is working well.

-how long have you been engaging in an open marriage?

I have been in an open marriage a year and a half.

-how did your H proposed open marriage to you? (timing, situation and etc)

We had a huge discussion about relationships and he pointed out I was probably polyamorus. I flitted from boyfriend to boyfriend before my husband no one man was ever enough for me.

-is your M your first bf? or your ?th bf since open marriage

I have casually dated others since opening my marriage. I am an INTJ personality. I tend to end relationships that do not work for me very quickly. Most lasted a few weeks. M has been with me 6 months.

-how did you arrange your time between your H and your M since it requires massive amounts of time management

We work mostly around M's schedule. He works 12 hour shifts with rotating days off. He is off every other weekend. Spend 2 weekends a month with M. And also one of his days off a week for an additional overnight stay. I go over there after work.

-how will you plan your time if one of them (H or M) wants to go to overseas with you (since i m foreign born it IS compulsory to go to overseas and also other places at the same time with my wife which can be like 100/0 for the next 1.5 months)

None of us are the type to go

-financial arrangements?

My daily fiances are separate from M's.

-distance between your house and M's house?

M lives 30 minutes from my home and an hour from my work. It is like 20 miles.

-how bout the kids and family will they get used to it? (since my family especially my relatives comes from traditional background of monogamy i m -afraid they will disown me if they ever know it)

I really don't care what my family thinks. They do not pay my bills. My closest family is 9 hours away. My kids are 18, 9, and 5 all boys. My oldest doesn't car. My two younger kids enjoy M so far. They think he walks on water. My middle son loves music. M is a guitarist. They have the same taste in music. My youngest is a car nut. M races and shows classic American cars.

-did you try to separate them between primary and secondary partner? ( it will be my early arrangement where me and my wife's relationship is above all else -even if we had emotions to our respective lovers.

No I treat my husband and M equally. I love them both deeply. M understands the kids come first. If my husband D told me M would have to go all hell would break loose.

-what are your rules of open marriage?

Really do not have any. My tubes are tied due to my last son almost killing me. My husband trusts me enough not to run our relationship into the ditch, and M the same.

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