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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I agree with SN, while it sucks that Maca still has such a strong negative reaction to hearing about you and GG, that text actually seemed like a very mature way of letting you know what to expect from him while taking complete responsibility for his own feelings. That's exactly what I would want from my own partner.
I agree it was a mature way to handle his feelings.
But, making plans with someone who hasn't done the dirt work to resolve the issues created by them and him in order to HAVE THE RIGHT to go hang out-was not and that was the first thing he did.
THEN when he had to tell me he did that-he gives me this text as an "out" for why he wasn't up to discussing it.
Not cool.
What he wrote-was fine.
But-his method and order of operations was totally fucked up.

Interestingly-they have that in common.
She SAYS all of the right things-very well actually. Extremely well versed on what to say.
But, her actions COMPLETELY contradict her words and THAT is beyond frustrating at this late date.
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