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First-thank you everyone for replying.
My frustrated emotion-was the timing of the text, not the content. The content (as noted repeatedly) is nothing new. Everytime ANYTHING in his life isn't going exactly as he wants it to-he has issues with my relationship with GG. Shrug. Mostly-I ignore it.
But, that he sent me that-after giving me the info about the other woman was annoying AND that he then pointed out that he had ALREADY told her about his frustration with my blog post (thus again complaining about me to her-even though the fall out from him doing that before has YET to be addressed).
It pisses me off that he lumps multiple difficult topics into one space of time, its VERY annoying.

As for the blog-the point behind why I named the post MY BOYFRIEND, was to let him know it was about MY BOYFRIEND which he doesn't like to read about. But, he chose to read it ANYWAY-even though he (admitted today) KNEW he shouldn't. So, he did it to himself. It IS my blog and it is my POLY blog-so it stands to reason, I'm going to talk about BOTH of my relationships. He doesn't have to read it all if he can't handle it.

On the other hand-he's a grown up-3 fucking years this week. Seriously, its long past time that he figure out that GG is a significant and meaningful part of our family who has earned his position in our family.
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