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Default Spoon Theory and Polyamory

So this is something that popped into my head just reading little things on here.

First off spoon theory for those who don't know what it is.

This was designed by a person who has fibromiylga (sic I know) in talking about invisible diseases. Basically each day you are given a set number of spoons. Throughout the day things that you do use up your spoons and when you are out of them you are unable to pretty much do anything else that day. Some days getting out of bed won't take any spoons but other days you are in such a place that just getting out of bed takes up over half your spoons. But people supporting you (emotionally and physically by doing things for you) can help keep your spoons and replenish them at times.

So thinking about it with polyamory. Sometimes we get really worked up with things our paramours or metamours are doing. I wonder if a spoon discussion would help everyone know how various things affect them and how things work with them. That way we can try and let people in our lives know "hey my spoon count is getting really low" and hopefully that in it's own can be a stop-gap for having them think about what you may need from them or others in your/their life.
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