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Default My suggestions....

Although i do not participate in the lifestyle discussed here, i am all for doing what makes you happy.I find it strange to see that this situation,being the issue of whether or not to agree to lend your husband to your best friend, requires so much discussion?I think that there is only ONE simple question to be answered here.This is how i see it ....Are you prepared to lend your most valuable treasure to anyone else, when there is even the slightest chance that they might not give it back ?????????I find it strange that your dearest friend would ask this of you , let alone your husband.I wouldnt care about how HELPFUL it might be for her damaged soul.She can go out and find her own husband when she is prepared to do that herself.Until then she can find her own FWB .No amount of planning and discussing what to do when they end up more connected after having a sexual relationship will make an ounce of difference when it has already happened.Even legal documents drawn up to protect us from misery, are not worth the paper they are written on when things go wrong!!!!I love my friends dearly too ,but i have learnt not to even lend them my books , let alone my husband!!!DONT lend things that you are not prepared to lose .......
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