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That's an unfortunate situation.

Also, kind of a harsh reality in the world we live in.

Everyone has their right of choice in what they choose to believe, and to have others respect that choice. I respect Catholic Christians and their choices. My background is as a Scandinavian traditions based shaman, also as a licensed Minister. I also don't necessarily get respect in return.

Especially when those Jehovah's Witnesses knock on the door periodically. I indulge them in an hour or so of intelligent and polite conversation. Only for them to finally figure out, despite everything I have politely told them about myself when they ask, that I do not worship in their tradition, and have zero interest in conversion.

It's a shame that some people choose to live so close-mindedly. Live your life as you see fit, and let those folks roll off your back as water does on a duck's back.

It's our own personal responsibility to define what the spark within us means to us. I wish you luck and good things as you walk down whatever path you have chosen.
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