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It takes time to learn something new. Nobody can fault you for exploring and learning, provided you are honest with them about what you are doing and why. It's their choice to be involved at this point in time, or not. You have a right to do what you feel you need to do - they also have a right to informed consent, or to decide that what you are looking for isn't a good fit for them right now.

It's hard to love yourself if you don't understand yourself, and even harder for other people to genuinely love you if you can't love yourself - in my own opinion.

My other two cents worth is to be wary of Shiny New Lover Syndrome. You fall in love, and everything is shiny and new and fascinating. It is a fleeting thing, I think, and those experiences are a dime-a-dozen. No human being is perfect, and it's only when you really get to know another human being well and begin to understand those things... that lasting love starts to germinate. Or it doesn't, which is also fine. Depends on what you are looking for in life.

Enjoy your discoveries. There is nothing wrong about fully enjoying shiny new lovers, provided honesty and communication prevail, in my opinion. Yet, be slow and wary to cut loose something you feel is special, that makes it past the Shiny New Lover Syndrome phase. If you choose to pursue lasting love, it doesn't have to be with only one person - but realize that everyone has the right to make their own personal choice regarding that. It's kind of up to the individuals to hash out their own definitions and emotions on the topic, and define what exactly each person is looking for - then figure out if it's all compatable or not. It takes time, patience, and honesty - it aint easy.

I'm a newbie here, and I don't mean to go all King Know-It-All On The Silver Mountain on y'all. These are just the bits of wisdom I've figured out in my life that work for me, and I'll pass them on if I think they might be useful to somebody else... also, feel free to utterly ignore me!

Good luck to you! Thanks for sharing, keep us updated, and I'm sure everyone here hopes you will find what you are looking for
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