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Originally Posted by MusicalRose View Post
I guess what I am saying is that in an extreme stalking situation, it isn't the fault of the poster who posts reasonable levels of personal information if someone is maliciously trying to hurt them through a legal system that does not understand or support our way of life.
Of course a stalker is responsible for their own actions, but every poster is responsible for protecting themselves. No member should just think that posting personal details about themselves isn't taking a huge chance to reveal themselves to people whom they would be better off not knowing anything about them, for whatever reason. Why invite trouble when you can just as easily write about your personal life and poly situation anonymously? It's just plain silly and ignorant to think one can put details out there and think doing so is not risky.

Originally Posted by MusicalRose View Post
In most cases, yes, I think that people should be responsible for what they post, but in cases where peoples lives are at stake and they haven't really done anything wrong, I would feel that it would be rather callous and cruel to just sit back, throw your hands up, and go "Welp, you posted it" when you are fully capable of removing some of the material to help them out of their situation.
If a person wants to post about a situation in their lives which could have negative repercussions, should an employer or someone they know read about it, then the onus is on the poster to be careful with how they proceed.

Use aliases.
Speak in general terms.
Do not name names, places, companies, etc.
If you upload pictures of yourself in your profile, make your albums private and accessible only to those contacts/friends you approve.

This board is searchable by Google and other search engines - it is not a private board. Each person is solely responsible for what they write, but after 12 hours, it is communal property, so to speak, so choose your words wisely. It is still very possible to get specific help on sensitive situations by masking details or sending Private Messages to members here whom you trust. There is a huge amount of PM'ing that goes on behind the scenes here. But to get indignant about the guidelines or how the board is moderated is pointless.
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