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Default 'Ello, 'ello, Polyfolk...

My name is Tony. I'm 24 years old, male - been married to my 24 year old wife for five years (together for 10 years.) We are from Northern Illinois.

We have been into polyamory for a couple months, after being traditionally monogomous for 10 years. Once we decided to give it a shot, we found ourselves surrounded by old time friends who wanted in on a serious level. We have one female lover locally, one female long time friend who is kind of testing the waters also locally, and one long time male friend who is transgendered - he lives out of state, and is becoming a serious lover.

Locally, that leaves me and 3 women Tough life, y'know.

I came on board here to learn more about polyamory, and to read up on other people's experiences.

I am a US Army Special Operations (Airborne) veteran, honorably discharged in 2009. I love tea and coffee, martial arts, working out, smoking my old school corn cob pipes and cigars, bonsai and other gardening - I am a licensed religious Minister, but not a Christian - most of what I do has roots in Scandinavian shamanism, also incorporating some Native American and Indo-Asiatic concepts and traditions. I try to have an open mind, and study the world and what it has to offer.

I work in private contract security, though I just finished the education and licensing necessary to take x rays in hospitals (radiographer.) I also own and operate Green Flames Studio, where I make handmade chain mail jewelry from scratch, among other artistic endeavors.

Thanks for having me.
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